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 Grown To Heal 

About Pop's Potions


Jim lived his life to the fullest. He was a Vietnam veteran who was killed in Vietnam by Agent Orange, but he died 50 years later at home surrounded by family and friends. How do we celebrate the legacy of this man? As death began to close in and absorb every aspect of our life, we knew what brought peace of mind and comfort to him and to all of us watching this wonderful man leave us. We knew medical cannabis was the answer for all of us as the end of his life came closer every day. This became the birth of Pop’s Potions. Jim was there to tell us what worked and what didn't. Simple things like bite size pieces of candy instead of candy bars so you can put the whole piece in your mouth. He loved a chocolate spoon in his coffee first thing in the morning to help the pain. We found that our life now revolved around keeping our Jim comfortable. It was his last big gift to the family he raised and loved and supported for so many years. It was the legacy of him and what made our lives easier as we prepared for the end. Jim died from 3 types of cancer directly related to Agent Orange. The pain had to be horrendous but yet, until hospice came in a week before death, the strongest pain med he requested was Tylenol. He virtually stayed comfortable to the very end. And so for the love of Jim, we decided to go on for him. To go on and offer hope to others who face what we faced. We could not save Jim but we never gave up hope and we showered him with love, family, friends, pets and all the candy he could eat. 

The team at Pop’s Potions strongly believe in the medical benefits of Cannabis Oil. To us this is a legacy for Jim and the love he brought to the world. More than a company, we are on a mission to help improve patients ailments and give back to those who deserve it. We are on the look out for deserving charities, veterans 
and people suffering from medical ailments. This is not just a company this is our heart and soul. 


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